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IT Specialists Outsourcing

JIT is a team of specialists with verified experience
who are ready to join your team at any phase of the project.
Whether you need one or more experts,
planning a one-month or
several-year project – Outsourcing is a service
that will help your team expand overnight.

JIT is a team of specialists with verified experience who are ready to join your team at any phase of the project. Whether you need one or more experts, planning a one-month or several-year project – Outsourcing is a service that will help your team expand overnight.


IT Specialists Outsourcing offers business benefits:

  • quick access to the best IT specialists,
  • the highest quality of performed tasks and projects,
  • the highest quality of performed tasks and projects,
  • change of personnel costs into outsourced services costs,
  • optimization of operating expenses,
  • improved organization security,
  • capacity that allows accepting more orders,
  • access to specialists from various areas.

In JIT, we developed our own, unique recruitment process. Our processes are performed in accordance with the
JIT QUALITY APPROVED™ standard, that is why only the best experts on the market are accepted to our company.

We deliver qualified and experienced employees for short- and long-term projects. We maintain a constantly updated and extended database which consists of several thousand talented people, thanks to which, in a very short time, we are able to provide you with consultants with even the most unique qualifications.

Turnkey projects

Software development requires comprehensive approach. We are capable to create a product from ideas to implementation. We can also engage in the project which is in progress, providing it with the missing modules.

Depending on the project needs and client’s requirements, we adjust our work methodology. We have experience both in conducting projects using agile methodology and cascade methodology.

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  • Business analysis

  • System analysis

  • Design

  • Implementation

  • Testing

  • Deployment

  • System maintenance

Business analysis

Every IT challenge begins with defining business goals. In our projects, the analysis is not a separate phase which precedes implementation operations – it is an inseparable part of everyday communication with the customer.


As a result, it is possible to adjust the project development direction, which guarantees that the product meets customer’s business requirements.

System analysis

Systems we create are groups of functions which are set to accomplish given objectives. Translating the business language into specific requirements and features of the developed system is a key factor when it comes to the success of the project.

In our work, we focus on expressing the vision drafted together with the customer in a clear way. Thanks to understanding the specification of the task and full agreement as far as the requirements are concerned, the projects are implemented on time.


We base all important design decisions on proof-of-concept tests, prototyping and the experience from previous projects.

Processes in this phase include:

  • selecting the technology on which the system should be based,
  • formulating system technical architecture,
  • formulating system technical design,
  • planning functional and performance test strategies for the system,
  • designing user interfaces prototypes.


System implementation requires expert knowledge and a comprehensive insight into the challenge. Big team of JIT specialists, with broad scope of competences, enables possibility to provide software in accordance with project requirements.

We are qualified in implementing systems by using various technologies including: Java/JEE, .NET, C++, PL/SQL, mobile technologies (iOS, Android).


In our projects, tests start with the beginning of the project realization process. The vision, specification, technical project, as well as the system implementation are tested and designed with a view to future tests. We put a special emphasis on automatizing the test processes. At this point, we carry out the following tasks:

  • planning functional and performance test plans and strategies for the system,
  • performing the functional and performance tests for the system,
  • preparing the report including conclusions drawn from the course of the tests and their results.


Deployment is the phase which gives us the greatest satisfaction – every new version of the system improves the added value offered to the user. Processes in this phase include:

  • training system users,
  • training system administrators,
  • formulating the GO-LIVE plan and procedures,
  • pre-production and production installations,
  • post-introduction support.

System maintenance

Ensuring full functionality is indispensable to  maintain continuity of the system. Constant control of the software enables early identification of errors and introducing changes in the shortest possible time.


Processes in this phase include:

  • analyzing and removing system errors,
  • introducing changes and expanding the system upon customer’s request,
  • maintaining and developing the production environment, migration to various system platforms.

Expert services

A dynamically developing business environment means that companies must quickly adapt to changing conditions. New challenges that emerge in the IT field reflect modern companies’ real business needs. The set of expert services provided by JIT is the answer to these needs. Regardless of task nature, our team will conduct an analysis and suggest suitable solutions.

Our expertise goes beyond the narrowly framed software development. We deliver solutions relating to Performance Support, IT Architecture, Test Automation, Technology Audits, Agile Coaching and System Refactoring. Having the team of comprehensively qualified experts, we are also able to take up technical challenges from other areas, challenges which require expert knowledge, responsibility and quick response.

Select service and read more:

  • Performance Support

  • IT Architecture

  • Test Automation

  • Technology Audits

  • Agile Coaching

  • System Refactoring

Performance Support

erformance Support is a service recommended to maintenance divisions and owners of business applications. This service provides the customer with dedicated specialists who solve problems connected with application efficiency and who are able to react to new threats and problems the moment they appear.


As part of Performance Support, we use also our own solutions, such as JIT Mon and we perform a range of analyses to provide detailed efficiency and SLA reports.

Performance Support offers such benefits as:


  • saving costs as a result of optimizing the efficiency of applications and devices,
  • improving the performance of owned resources and applications,
  • detecting problems and threats in the existing applications.

IT Architecture

IT architecture is the basic organization of every system. It allows implementation of the most daring ideas. Our team delivers the service which allows creating a whole-new IT architecture or modifying the existing one on all levels – from the physical and hardware to the application level.

  • Decomposition of complex systems into applications, modules, fields and business domains.
  • Selecting technical tools (technology stack) which are most suitable in creating the given architecture.
  • Designing solutions which facilitate achieving high efficiency, flexibility and security of the final solution.
  • Planning and organizing the production process optimized in accordance with the chosen architecture.

Test Automation

Tests are one of the most important phases of the software development process. Careful execution of this phase guarantees that the final product is functional, efficient, stable and easy to use. What is more, early consideration of tests and testability in projects guarantees a quick production process and high quality.


JIT Solutions has the expertise and experience necessary in planning, designing, conducting and maintaining different types of tests, including:

  • functional tests,
  • performance tests,
  • security tests,
  • usability tests,
  • regression tests.

Regardless of the type, wherever it is possible, we invest in tests automation, repeatability and their integration with the whole release environment, by means of a rich set of modern tools.

Technology Audits

Technology Audits is a service centered on analyzing and verifying existing systems. The aim of such an action may be to find the answer to one or more questions, e.g.:


  • Is the current system architecture optimal with regard to the requirements and characteristics of the system’s use?
  • Is the quality of technological realization sufficient?
  • Does the system function efficiently enough? What are the reasons for the potential performance problems and how can they be solved?
  • Is the system secure? What changes in the structure and implementation are necessary to ensure full safety?

Each audit activity is planned with a view to customer’s individual needs. The exact scope of actions depends on both the problems identified in the system and the technology used during its implementation. Wherever it is possible, data for the audit is collected by means of automatized scripts, and test as well as monitoring and analytic tools (such as the JIT Mon system).


What the audit provides is a detailed report including the description of the scope of tests and measurements, research methodology together with the list and characteristics of defined problems. The report also proposes precise repair guidelines which can function as the starting point for a plan of further development or maintenance actions.

Agile Coaching

The agile approach is currently one of the most important terms in the areas of organization and project execution. Many companies and organizations notice advantages of this lightweight approach. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to implement such approaches – it is mostly because of various habits, local traditions or contradictive views on what is agile.


JIT Solutions organizes its internal projects and actions according to the agile approach and, wherever it is possible (and whenever it makes sense), using the SCRUM methodology. We also recommend the agile approach to our customers with whom we collaborate on joint projects. Making use of these experiences, we are able to support companies – both at single-team and organization levels.

Agile Coaching services offer a range of actions which perfectly match the needs and positions of every company. The services include:


  1. Top-management trainings
  2. Workshops for development teams
  3. Trainings for product owners
  4. Scrum Masters outsourcing
  5. Agility audit
  6. Full implementation of Scrum
  7. Scrum teams outsourcing
  8. Scrum–based development

System Refactoring

A dynamically changing environment requires constant adaptation of IT systems to new conditions. Refactoring is a field aimed at maintaining full functionality and quality of long living software solutions. Our team delivers a range of services which allow customers to catch-up with new technologies and business opportunities.

  • Adapting existing IT solutions to new standards and technologies.
  • Creating an integration layer between legacy solutions and new systems.
  • Updating system and application platforms (including application servers).
  • Formulating strategies for dealing with so called technical debt in long-term solutions.
  • Planning and performing actions aimed at organizing and improving system architecture and implementation.


LOGIMI is a software solution delivered in the SaaS model used in the sea freight business. It allows the user to manage freight orders in a whole new, digital way. LOGIMI is available on various mobile devices (tablets, smartphones), which makes managing the freight process easy and exceptionally effective.

We can deliver, deploy and support our JIT Mon OpenSource-based tools for monitoring popular JEE application servers. The tools are self-operating and do not require altering the application code.
The service enables integrating the JIT Mon tools with pre-existing monitoring and reporting systems.

The project was realized within the Gdańsk University of Technology and JIT Solutions consortium as a part of the Applied Research Program of the National Centre for Research and Development. The aim of the project is to design technical tools and medical-IT research methods used in medical data analysis. The designed tools supported by statistic methods and machine learning are now used, e.g., in the therapy of post-cerebral stroke patients.

About us

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Our values

Mariusz Bessman

President of the Board of Directors

“I am convinced that what distinguishes us on the market and makes us a worthy business partner is the perfect quality and attention to the slightest detail of the delivered products and services, which are one of the foundations of JIT.”

Bartosz Cieśliński

Vice – President of the Board of Directors

“If I were to indicate one, basic value which is of the greatest importance in JIT, I would immediately choose quality. Most of our employees have previously worked for corporations which, due to pressure for results, marginalized the quality of delivered services and products.”

Witold Bołt

Team Leader / Architect

“In my work, it is important for me to see the purpose of what I do and to identify with it completely – not to be surrounded by and ashamed of poor-quality rubbish, problems beyond my control and mess. It is in JIT where I found such atmosphere!”

Aleksandra Czechowska

HR Director

“We have created and are still creating a team of the best specialists in the Tri-City. We know our employees very well and they know that they are welcomed to report any problem or suggestion to us. Creating such atmosphere also translates into Customers’ satisfaction.”

What makes us unique?

Our motivation is to provide software related services on the highest, expert level.

The key development factor in JIT is acting in accordance with the JIT QUALITY APPROVED™ model. It represents a unique approach to the whole process of software production and it covers many areas of company’s functioning. Starting from the recruitment stage, our experts make sure that the process of candidate selection covers various aspects – we verify both technical and interpersonal skills.

In the course of cooperation with the customer, we guarantee full access to our team’s workflow, which facilitates agile project management. JIT’s full transparency enforces values we regard – trust, openness and fair-play cooperation.


Get to know our clients

Nordea Bank AB is the Scandinavian financial group in Northern Europe. It comprises banks and insurance companies. At present, the company provides service in 19 countries where it has over 1400 branches. In Poland there is a company Nordea IT Polska which provides IT service for the group, and Nordea Bank Polska.

Range of cooperation:

  • Leading projects in e-banking, data warehouse, back-office and system integration areas
  • Auditing and monitoring the performance of back-office system
  • IT specialists outsourcing in body leasing model
  • Participating in analysis, design, creation, test and system maintenance processes
  • Taking actions on behalf of Nordea in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Jeppesen, a Boeing company, is an international company responsible for the development of software and tools for navigation and general IT systems for aviation.  The company also works on R&D projects in terms of cutting-edge, innovative technological solutions.

Outsourcing IT specialists in the following areas:

  • designing and producing iOS mobile applications and business software in Java and C++ technologies,
  • application testing.

The main objective of DNV is safeguarding life, health, property and the environment. The foundation originates from Norway and functions in various areas, including maritime, energy and the petroleum refinery markets. DNV Software is a part of DNV and specializes in developing engineering and business software.

Range of cooperation:

  • Designing and introducing an integrated development environment for Apple iOS applications
  • Supporting the process of designing security control mobile applications
  • IT specialists outsourcing (software developers in iOS, .NET and C++ technologies)

Young Digital Planet is the leading provider of software and multimedia for modern education. The company was granted numerous prestigious awards and distinctions (a/o European Seal of E-excellence during CeBIT computer fair in Hannover).

Outsourcing IT specialists in the following areas:

  • application development (Java, PHP),
  • automated tests construction (Selenium, JMeter),
  • planning and monitoring tests.

Wirtualna Polska S.A. is the first Polish portal offering access to news and entertainment. At present the portal provides its users with several dozen themed services and newsrooms, email accounts and WP.TV television.

Range of cooperation:

  • Outsourcing IT specialists in application development (Java) area
  • Trainings in leading and organizing SCRUM-based projects
  • Consulting in the area of implementing the SCRUM methodology into projects

ATOS is a global provider of IT services and products. At present the company employs 77 100 people in 52 countries, including 2300 people in Poland. The company offers various services including IT systems integration, outsourcing and consulting.

Range of cooperation:

Outsourcing IT specialists in the area of creating applications in Java and PL/SQL technologies.

ING Bank Śląski is one of the leading commercial banks in Poland. The quality of services provided can be proved by numerous awards and distinctions granted in various trade rankings.

Range of cooperation:

  • Designing and executing tests on one of the key applications used in the ING Group
  • Updating the business component monitoring system, modifying performance indicators for individual components of the system
  • Conducting an analysis of performance problems of application servers

BEST S.A. is one of the biggest companies in Poland engaged in the debt recovery sector. Its history dates back to 1994. The company provides services for various sectors, including banks, loan firms, telecommunication and energy companies. BEST also manages the claims portfolios of its clients.

Range of cooperation:

  • Optimization of database processes (MS SQL)
  • Building business applications for automated document generation (Java EE)
  • Defining IT architecture for the new core system in BEST Capital Group

Aviva Group in Poland (previously working under the name Commercial Union) started in 1992. It is one of the biggest financial institutions in our country, providing service for 3,5 million clients and manages assets valued at PLN 50 billion.

Range of cooperation:

  • Technological support for the Oracle WebLogic application server platform
  • Analyzing problems and tuning the memory management mechanism in one of the key applications used by AVIVA
  • Using JIT Mon applications to monitor critical business applications in the AVIVA Group (implementation in the production environment)
  • Implementing changes to company’s core system

IMPAQ is an IT Services and Products provider, offering comprehensive solutions in Data Management, Archiving and Decommissioning, IT Service Management and Compliance. At present the company employs 300 workers in 7 different locations in Switzerland, Germany, Poland and Great Britain.

Range of cooperation:

Outsourcing IT specialists in the area of creating and maintaining applications in Java and PL/SQL technologies.

Asseco Poland is a unique combination of a software house and a service provider, and at the same time the biggest Polish IT company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company provides software for various sectors, including Polish banks, insurance, energy, telecommunication and public sector companies.

Range of cooperation:

Expert support in the area of Oracle Suite 11g technologies as part of the Program for Development of Agency (SIA) IT System within the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture.


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NIP (Tax Identification Number): 958-163-55-31 | REGON (National Business Registry Number): 221075739
The Company entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs maintained by the District Court for Gdańsk – Północ in Gdańsk,
8th Division of National Register under No. KRS 0000363948.
Initial capital of PLN 6,000.00 (fully paid up).