We are a software company specializing in lending teams of IT experts to companies who need a partner for their IT projects.

In short, we create IT teams.


Nordea is one of the biggest banks in Europe and the largest financial services group in the Nordics.

JIT Solutions' teams are involved in numerous key projects across Nordea Group such as core banking reimplementation, e-banking development, and test automation.

Rolls-Royce serves the marine market, offering services such as encompassing vessel design, the integration of complex systems and the supply of power and propulsion equipment.

JIT Solutions partners with Rolls-Royce by using a team-leasing approach for their internal short- and long-term projects.

DNV GL is a world-leading provider of software in energy, process, and maritime industries.

A blended team between JIT Solutions and DNV are rewriting one of the key software product of DNV utilizing modern technologies and best practices.

Jeppesen, a Boeing company, is a global company with a focus on aeronautical navigation.

JIT Solutions was tasked with a project of implementing an ETL application, dedicated to processing navigational data and delivering them to mobile devices in a compressed form.

VPS is the central securities depository in Norway. They provide services for the settlement of transactions in securities and the registration of ownership rights over securities.

JIT Solutions develops an internet portal in which stock issuers are able to control all information on various investors and stakeholders.

Signal Maritime is a commercial ship management company responsible for the data analysis and presentation for the main players in the industry.

JIT Solutions collaborates on an application development project that visualizes shipping data in a dashboard mode for different customers.

LPP is the largest clothing retailer in Central Europe with more than 1700 stores in 20 countries, whose brands include: Reserved, Cropp, House, Sinsay and Mohito.

JIT Solutions built the Allocations system, addressing the problem of distributing inventory across all the stores in a fast-fashion retail network based on historical sales analysis.

BEST Group is one of the largest businesses in the debt collection industry in Poland.

JIT Solutions designed and authored the new IT architecture of all currently used core financial systems at BEST.

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